Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

In all organs and systems of organs in the human body, without exception, malfunctions and failures can occur. The male reproductive system is not an exception. In addition to various sexually transmitted diseases, the most frequent problem in the male sexual sphere is impotence, or, in more modern and scientific language, erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition characterized by the inability of a man to complete or end a sexual act because of lack of erection or if it is not strong enough. This condition should be repeated regularly, only in this case it is possible to speak about the presence of erectile dysfunction. If sexual failures occur occasionally and are caused by overwork, hostility to a partner or illness, do not be afraid and don’t start to consider yourself an impotent.

Establishing Diagnosis

If you experience problems with sex, feel decreased libido, notice that you regularly can’t complete the sexual act, or your penis is not hard enough to be inserted into the vagina, you should contact a urologist. These symptoms can speak of both erectile dysfunction and other diseases of the reproductive system, so to make a diagnosis, you need to come to an appointment with a specialist. As a rule, in order to more accurately determine the cause of erectile dysfunction, you will have to undergo a medical examination, which traditionally includes visual examination of the genital organs, ultrasound examination of the testicles and prostate and analysis - a smear on the microflora from the urethra. According to these studies, a final diagnosis is made and treatment is prescribed.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

This acute problem in the modern world can have different roots. First of all, the potency is adversely affected by factors such as malnutrition, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, psychological, neurological and hormonal problems. Also, problems with potency can be caused by vascular diseases and anatomical deformities of the penis, its trauma.

The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction may include a man's complex about the size of his penis, an unsuccessful first sexual experience, or may be caused by a woman's dissatisfaction, the routine of conjugal sex. Dr. Mahinder Watsa: "You will be just fine. If you get an erection during masturbation, but not during intercourse, it indicates that there’s a problem in your head, not your penis."

Reduced level of male hormones and libido can be associated not only with the natural aging of the body, it can also be caused by obesity. Excess weight increases the number of female hormones in the male body and reduces the production of testosterone, which leads to inhibition of sexual function.
Impotence which has arisen on neurological soil, is associated, as a rule, not with nerves, but with taking psychotropic drugs like antidepressants. They often negatively affect sexual function.

Methods for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Modern methods of treating impotence are divided into psychological, medicament, vacuum and surgical ones. Depending on the etiology of the problem, the doctor prescribes the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

It should be noted that in a significant number of cases of erectile dysfunction to restore normal sexual activity to a man it is enough to follow the general recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Doing sports, taking care of health and the absence of excessive stress at work is the guarantee of a man’s intimate health.

  • In some cases, a man’s sexual failures can be caused by psychological traumas, fears, among which there is even an officially existing “fear of anxious anticipation of sexual failure”. Often this condition occurs after a single misfire in sex – a man develops a fear of sexual contact, he is nervous, can’t relax and tune in to a romantic mood, which eventually results in the inability to achieve an erection. In order to get rid of erectile dysfunction, which has arisen on psychological grounds, a man will need to turn to a psychologist or a sex specialist. It is very important that the doctor delicately treats the patient’s problem and does not scare him away with too harsh statements or tactlessness. Sometimes it is necessary for a man to visit a psychologist together with his partner.
  • Drug therapy is used as an additional tool in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, and in those cases when problems with potency are caused by organic causes, for example, stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. The most common oral medications for improving erection belong to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. These medicines have a relaxing effect on the walls of the vessels and the smooth musculature of the penis, which allows the person responsible for erecting cavernous bodies to fill with a large amount of blood. As a result, when sexually stimulated, a man gets a strong erection for a long time. Among the most common drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and their generics. It should be remembered that only a doctor can prescribe these medicines. Do not independently decide on their admission. As a rule, they have a significant list of contraindications and side effects.
  • Vacuum methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction involve the use of vacuum-constrictor devices, vacuum pumps for the penis. The vacuum pump is used just before sex. It pumps blood into the penis, as a result an erection appears. To ensure that it doesn’t disappear, an erection ring is used. This is a fairly effective symptomatic treatment for impotence, but it does not eliminate its causes and as a rule brings to men significant psychological discomfort, because the use of such a device can’t be hidden from the partner.
  • It is worth noting also such a way of improving male health, as therapeutic physical training. It has nothing to do with the massage in the clinic. As a rule, exercise therapy as an anti-impotency remedy implies a hardware massage of the prostate and perineum, which a man can do at home himself or with the help of a partner. Along with Kegel’s exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, massage helps to cure impotence, improve prostate health and the level of erection. These exercises are also effective enough to get rid of premature ejaculation.
  • Finally, the surgical way of treating erectile dysfunction involves either falloprosthetics, or operations on blood vessels of the penis in case of serious pathologies of those. When prosthetics of the penis, a cylinder is implanted in the penis, which, when squeezed into the scrotum, compresses the penis into an erect condition. After the end of the sexual act, the prosthesis must be deactivated. At the same time, no traces of surgical intervention are visible from the outside. However, the falloprosthesis is used only in extreme cases, for example, after severe injuries, pathologies of development of the penis. Operations on the vessels of the penis (micro-shunting) are usually carried out in case of infringements of arterial blood flow to the penis caused by pathologies of vascular development. Surgery and implants are very delicate and responsible methods of treatment, which must be carried out with the latest technology, are expensive and can be dangerous in the case of insufficient qualification of the surgeon. Thoroughly weigh the pros and cons if you intend to resort to these means of restoring sexual function.

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