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Here you will find the most up-to-date information about various potency problems and the best methods of their treatment. You can find out which of men’s sexual problems can be cured with drugs against erectile dysfunction and how to do it.

Despite all its benefits, brand-name Viagra is very expensive and is affordable only for a fairly small layer of patients, especially if the condition of potency forces a man to take these pills often enough.

In order to make impotence treatment available for more patients, many pharmaceutical companies produce generics of Viagra. These are analogues of the original drug, the auxiliary substances of which may differ slightly from those in their prototype, but the main active ingredient – Sildenafil citrate – is the same in all generics, as well as in branded med.

Best generics of Viagra are not only cheaper, but also have fewer side effects, because their manufacturers are in constant competition with others and the promoted brand is not working for them.

The most high-quality generics, which are not inferior to the original drug, are produced by a number of Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Our website presents several online pharmacies, which have active licenses to sell drugs. All drugstores represented on our website offer their customers exclusively high-quality products obtained directly from manufacturers and certified by international pharmaceutical organizations. These pharmacies have secure systems for accepting non-cash payments – you don’t need to worry that fraudsters will intercept your payment thanks to two-factor identification and strong encryption of the connection.

On our site you will find comprehensive information on the use, mechanism of action, contraindications and restrictions for taking generic Viagra. We have collected and conveniently put into sections all the information that the buyer can and should be interested in when choosing the most suitable generic medicine for restoring potency. You can compare several kinds of generic medications, using a special table on this website. It in a convenient form displays such parameters as the manufacturer of the drug, its price, amount of the active substance, dosage form and terms of delivery.

You can also get acquainted with the best offers from the leading and trusted manufacturers of generic Viagra from India. We publish for you the latest news about discounts, promotions and other ways to buy online medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction at the lowest prices.

It is important to note that we don’t just provide our customers with information about pharmacies, drugs and prices. If at the time of purchase on any of the sites to which we link, you will experience difficulties, then contact us, and we will make every effort to solve your problems. You can contact us. Be sure to let us know if you come across a low-quality medicine! Indicate the batch number of the drug and the numbers near the bar code. We will conduct our own investigation and decide whether to exclude an online pharmacy you have complained of from our list of trusted and reliable online pharmacies.